eldorah (eldorah) wrote,

Famous Last Words - Drabble Meme

Time for another drabble meme, this time with a twist!! Prompt me with any "famous last words" quote and a character or pairing, and I shall write you a drabble/short fic of at least 100 words. :)

Some examples of "famous last words" are included under the cut - but no need to pick one of those if you have something else in mind! :)

I will do my best to fill every prompt, it just may take some time. :)

1.) "What's the worst that could happen?"
2.) "That wasn't so bad."
3.) "It's not loaded."
4.) "Don't worry."
5.) "It's nothing."
6.) "Just a scratch!"
7.) "I'm fine!"
8.) "It's perfectly safe!"
9.) "Everything's going to be okay."
10.) "It's over."
11.) "Let's split up."
12.) "At least it's not..."
13.) "I have a bad feeling about this..."
14.) "It could be worse."
15.) "I told you so."


Tags: meme: last words drabble
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