February 11th, 2015

Peter - Like

A Meme!

Swiped from the lovely elrhiarhodan, who gave me the letter "s"! This is such fun!

Something I hate: student loans, spiders, stains on your favorite tee shirt

Something I love: Satchmo!, Sara Ellis!, sunrises, Saturdays, Brent Seabrook

Somewhere I've been: Skagway, Alaska; St. Louis, Missouri; Seattle, Washington; Saint George, Bermuda

Somewhere I'd like to go: Southern Italy; San Diego, California; Spain

Someone I know: Does myself count? Also, my Aunt Sam

A film I liked: Seabiscuit (one of my favorites, actually); and of course, Space Station 76

If you want to play, leave a comment for a letter of your very own. If you've already played, let me know what letters you have had so I don't give you a repeat. :)