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Of Rhythm and Blues, Master Post

Title: Of Rhythm and Blues
Author: eldorah
Artist: embroiderama
Beta(s): rose_of_sharon1
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairings: Peter Burke/Elizabeth Mitchell, June Ellington, Neal Caffrey, Mozzie, Matthew Keller, Reese Hughes
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Through the end of Season 5 (This AU contains canon elements of Neal’s family history, which we receive various bits of info about throughout different episodes and seasons.)
Word Count: 16,153

Summary: When Peter Burke, well-to-do talent agent of both his billboard topping wife, Elizabeth Mitchell, and the legendary soul singer, June Ellington, finds raw talent unlike any other in the form of a young man recently relocated from the Midwest, he must find a way to gain the young man’s trust while helping him share his talent with the world.

Author's Note: I would like to thank my very wonderful friend, rose_of_sharon1, for without her continual encouragement, support, guidance, suggestions, betas, and occasional poke and prode, I would have given up on this project a long time ago. There are not enough thanks in the world I can give you, my friend. Thank you also to my artist, embroiderama, who created (four!) lovely, lovely peices for my story. They are beautiful, and you should definitely go leave her love at her art post (linked below)!

Tags: elizabeth burke, fanfiction, matthew keller, neal caffrey, of rhythm and blues, peter burke, reese hughes, white collar, white collar big bang 2014
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