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Below is a master list of all of my White Collar fics, art, and icons, organized by genre and posting date, from oldest to newest. Currently, any pairings written are canon. I will update this list to reflect changes as the need arises. Please feel free to read and enjoy, just please do not repost anywhere without my permission. Thank you for stopping by!

Friendship | Bromance | Family

Unexpected Findings
Peter and Neal get locked in Peter’s basement, and Neal finds some unexpected things.
Warnings: none, PG (2,184 words) | posted March 2011

Flip Phones and Brothers
Peter is due for a cell phone upgrade, and Neal offers some suggestions.
Warnings: none, G (2,797 words) | posted May 2011

Masterpiece Manifestations
Peter finds a piano he cannot resist playing, and subsequently leaves Neal speechless.
Warnings: none, G (1,454 words) | posted July 2011

The Magician
Samantha solicits Neal to present at her fifth grade career day, and Neal in turn brings some fun to the classroom.
Warnings: none, G (~1,900 words) | posted January 2014

The Forty-Ninth Move
Mozzie gets beat in a chess game by a very unlikely opponent.
Warnings: None, G, (1,000 words) | posted March 2014

To Chase A Dream
Elizabeth knows her decision was right, but that doesn’t make it easy.
Warnings: none, G (1,180 words) | posted March 2014


Write Me Back: A White Collar Christmas Story
Peter and his favorite conman end up trapped on Christmas Eve and share Christmas stories to stay awake.
Warnings: minor wounds and blood, building collapse, PG13 (4,522 words) | posted December 2013

5 Times Peter and Neal Needed Each Other: A Future Fic
5 times Peter and Neal discover they still need each other even after Neal’s anklet comes off.
Warnings: mentions kidnapping, PG (~4,300 words) | posted December 2013

All You Need
When Neal is shaken to the point at which he loses control of his emotions, Peter is there to pick up the pieces.
Warnings: PTSD, flashbacks, kidnapping, PG-13 (~2,500 words) | posted May 2014

Like Shoreless Seas, We’re Relentless
Deep within the New York City subway system, Peter takes a bullet. Now Peter is bleeding, Neal is running, and time is running out.
Warnings: gunshot wounds, blood, PG13 (3,663 words) | posted July 2014

He Lies Waiting
A heart sore for home has the longest wait to endure.
Warning: homesickness, loneliness, PG (1,978 words) | posted August 2014

It's A Wonderful Life
Reese Hughes, guardian angel of Peter Burke, tracks down Neal to show him what life is like for those he loves now that Neal Caffrey no longer exists.
Warning: angsty Neal, Mozzie, Peter; non-canonical death of canon character (resolved shortly after), PG13 (~8,000 words) | posted December 2014

Together, They Fought (A Five Times Fic)
Set during what is perhaps the worst year of their lives, five times Peter Burke helped Mozzie, and one time Mozzie returns the favor.
Warnings: None, PG (4,395 words) | posted January 2015

AU | Alternate Ending

Hoofprints and Heartbeats
A continuation of season five, up to and including the season finale. Neal must face someone from his past, and finds solace in an unexpected place.
Warnings: minor whump, PG13 (12,880 words) | posted April 2014

Cowboy Up
Within the Hoofprints and Heartbeats series. On his first summer trip back to Peter’s vacation home upstate, Neal experiences his first horseback riding lesson.
Warnings: none, G (2,911 words) | posted June 2014

Of Rhythm and Blues
When Peter Burke, well-to-do talent agent of both his billboard topping wife, Elizabeth Mitchell, and the legendary soul singer, June Ellington, finds raw talent unlike any other in the form of a young man recently relocated from the Midwest, he must find a way to gain the young man’s trust while helping him share his talent with the world.
Warnings: None, PG13 (16,153 words) | posted October 2014


Peter, gift | posted July 2014
Neal, mischief | posted July 2014
Neal, hunger | posted July 2014

Feel free to snag if any strike your fancy!

Misc WC Batch 1 – Neal, Peter, El, Peter and El, Mozzie and Theo, Reese, Neal and Sara | posted May 2014

Misc WC Batch 2 – Neal, Neal and Peter, Peter, Peter and El, Sara, Mozzie, June | posted August 2014

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Miles To Go Before I Sleep – Big Bang 2014 | posted September 2014
A Forever Kind of Family Reverse Big Bang Round 2 | posted July 2015